Double Orange Planter



The double oranges multi-utility pot is great for building quirky decor at home or for decorating food and beverage industry corporate or retail spaces. Gift it to someone with culinary interests or use it as a corporate felicitation option. 

The multipurpose product can be used as a spoon stand, a stationery stand – specifically with bigger items like paint brushes, an indoor planter, or a pot to be featured in your very own kitchen garden. Place it on a tabletop, desktop, shelf, or window sill for best visibility.


  • Material: Resin
  • Design: 2 Oranges stacked on each other with fun expressions
  • Dimensions: Height 6 inch, Length 6 inch
  • Suitable For: Great for living and kitchen spaces (including kitchen gardens) and can be used as a spoon stand, a stationery or paint brush stand, or as a planter
  • Occasion: Good gifting option for people who have culinary interests or quirky taste in decor and as a felicitation item at food and beverage corporate or industry events
  • Durability: Weather Resistant And Soap Washable


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