Jacket and Pant planter



Both Products can be used as stylish decor, small planters, a stationery stand, or a toothbrush holder. It has a special appeal for fashion product lovers or those who work in the clothing or fashion industry.

Feature it on a tabletop, desktop, shelf, or window sill.

The products make for a great gifting option (gift for her) and felicitation option and can easily be featured in fashion industry corporate spaces and meeting rooms.

Both products can be bought together as a group. Please select the required quantity below.


Group Details: 2 products that are created as a pair and are often bought together
Material: Resin
Dimension: Jeans Jacket – Height 5 inch, Length 3.5 inch; Jeans Pant – Height 5 inch, Length 3.5 inch
Weather-resistant and soap-washable products


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