“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”

Reflect , stop at the moment when  I was absorbed, immersed, dissolved in the chirping of birds, hustling sounds of waterfalls, and streams, when one I was experiencing stillness, completeness and totality all across.  . That moment I was fully awake to what I see and feel. Yes, now I am aware there are simple, subtle ways, by which we can reconnect with nature, whether we live in the city, the woods, or somewhere in between.
Every Monday morning, the race against time incepts, get ready, reach office, and throw myself into work, hardly peeping out of the window. No wonder I get migraines, headaches, stress and burn outs. No surprise I feel lost in the woods, tired and detached from all including myself. 
No wonder I am soul-sick. My spirit  is in a whirlpool- by being busy, bustling, loud and aggressive. I do nothing to nourish myself, by creating time and space. All yang, no yin. 

The turning point aroused when my doctor recommended that a wellness session – connecting with nature, roots and just relaxing would manage my ease, my stress, tension and fatigue better, than simply pill popping.
And yes, the more I became connected with nature, its flora, fauna, flowers, plants, the more I became still, calm and centered. I started enjoying the subtlety of nature – plants in particular.  I realized that reconnecting to nature is a flight back home to the self, attaining inner peace and soul-deep reconnection.

Spend time understanding their beauty and be open to the idea that they’re proffering you the healing you most need. So anytime you want to feel happy or inspired or soothed or reminded of your true nature, head outside and close eyes and take a barefoot step in your garden. 
Furthering this experience how about decorating your garden space – balconies, living room, nature-friendly, biodegradable, terracotta pots in bird and animal shapes coupled with unique garden decorations and accessories, aqua bodies, that too in over 5,000+ variants.
You open your eyes to something soothing, immersing and absorbing. It simply brings out the best in you- giving my garden a timeless feeling.
We are certain you would join us in our endeavor of – Love an animal, Gift a plant, now and always. We are certain you would join us? 
If yes then we are a phone call away at 9810502046 or you can visit us at www.earthlycreations.in

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