Orange Sky. Dense Smoke. Ash Laden. Burning eyes. Suffocated throat – my present Environment

Bushfires in Australia is a widespread and regular occurrence, contributing significantly to changing the nature of the continent over a large time period. Eastern Australia is one of the most fire-prone regions of the world, and its predominant eucalypt forests have evolved to thrive on the phenomenon of bushfire. However, the blazes cause significant property damage and loss of both human and animal life. Bushfires have killed 800+ people in Australia to date and have consumed millions of animals. And the damage continues with increasing intensity.

You and I are articulating our rage across mediums – social, mail, videos and audios- each of us concerned gravely of the havoc and devastation created; and fearful of what impact would it leave for us all, in coming days.

Firefighters dousing the flames, people occupying high chairs grudgingly owning up responsibility are all ok, yet these basic questions haunt us:

  • Why are we allowing this to happen on a continuum basis? 
  • Why can’t you and I take measures at our individual levels to protect, nurture and care for our natural resources?
  • Why not affect small meaningful steps that would conserve and preserve our ecosystem.

These questions shake us all, as we all are alive to make something happen in the now. After, all you and I are inhabitants of this planet and are sensitive to protect what we have, such that our future generations, should savor them too.

Then how do we make it happen:

Let’s pause to examine how Earthly Creations is endeavoring to protect the environment- plants, foliage by using simple yet impactful means- by exerting and outlying a way – to be reliable, vigilant and caring – the whip being, let me begin with endurance and others shall join. Moot question is – I begin now

We at Earthly Creations took measures to nourish nature into something that was more useful, livelier, having a unique blend of functionality, value, and aesthetics. We created elegant breathing pots in terracotta- in over 5000+ designs in animal and bird shapes, focused towards those who are passionate to protect nature while having an intrinsic love for gardening. And above all are committed to conserving greenery in their workplaces, homes, individual desks, community spaces, etc. 

These pots – artistic pieces of art- can be used for employee felicitations. mementos for conferences, family giveaways, and corporate branding and CSR too.

We need you all now; to join together to further this initiative such that we foster the eco-green movement by using natural resources, and by that way, we try and ward off the natural calamities in future

We are certain you would join us in our endeavor of – Love an animal, Gift a plant, now and always.
 If yes then we are a phone call away at 9810502046 or you can visit us at

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