Empowering women with a voice of their own

Empowering women with a voice of their own.  An incredible success story of grit, independence of Village Artisans in preserving nature. The Earthly Creation way
Gender inclusivity is more pertinent in our present professional world, than ever before. Changing landscape of woman’s role — whether in farming, agriculture, politics, economics or conservation is now an imperative. New programs focused towards empowering women are happening across spectrum, on a continuum basis.
Whether planting a pollinator garden, teaching children, women often traverse unobtrusively, with great care, to initiate ways of nurturing nature. Women’s Day thus is a reminder for us all to muse on these significant contributions women make to protect, preserve, evolve the Earth, and all its living things.
Women working on behalf of nature today draw inspiration, for all of us. Let’s carry on the legacy of women saving nature.
Earthly Creations- an socio – economic initiated, 15+ years back, was incepted by a  woman management professional, who gave up her aspiring career, to pursue her dream – of integrating traditional skills of rural woman village potters into creating distinct, contemporary terracotta breathing pots, thereby making them economically independent to re- discover their lost voice.
Coupled with this, aim was to effect a quantum leap, in the way gardening is done at individual, community, residential complexes and offices. It also showcased a new way of corporate gifting, employee facilitations and festival  give aways.
Together they have produced elegant pots in over 5000+ designs- primarily in animal and bird shapes, focused towards those, who are passionate to protect nature, while having an intrinsic love for gardening.
Let’s all join in our endeavor of – Love an animal, Gift a plant, now and always. thereby providing a sustainable and scalable economic option to the women potters.
We are a phone call away at +91 – 9810502046 or you can visit us at www.earthlycreations.in

Sab ka Saath, Sabka Vikas!!

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