5 tips to nurture your passion of gardening in these 21 days lock down

These 21 days are  a once in life opportunity when the whole family is together, with and for each other- where we all eat, drink, enjoy and be together. An apt time this is, to discover our lost passions, rekindle our hobbies, interests, by doing things together. Activities that help us all to expand our energies be livelier, sensitive, creative, thereby cementing our bonding better. 
Step out now, by  being upbeat, active, constructively engaged, agile and use this time for creating  your dream garden,– one that you all had aspired, desired, dreamt and wanted.
These 21 days may be challenging for those who live nuclear, and are confused how they could use their time effectively.  No more despair- gardening is one such activity that would help you to understand better the life cycle – wherein you witness,  sprouting of a seed into a plant, observe it growth and its blooming- all which you can witness, savor, enjoy during this break.
Researchers have proven that plants refresh the environ, making us stress free thereby improving our physical, mental and social health. Plants expand our creative thinking, improves our aesthetic ability, resulting in creating a green patch – whether in balcony or a patch of land, into something unique, distinct and pleasing.
So let’s step out from our rooms  into our balconies, patch of land, to breath the  fresh air, listen to the chirpings of the birds, savor the flight of the butterflies,  watch the squirrels running amuck, and observe the beautiful bees, indulge in a bit of exercise- or even a full-on-workout with some major garden DIY.

  •  Growing plants

Owning a patch of land isn’t a criterion now, for having a green patch. Now you can simply transport the outdoor into indoor. Houseplants have been shown to purify the air in our homes thereby lifting our sprits and making us livelier. Plating animal and bird shaped containers of your chosen houseplants, will not only keep you occupied, but will also kindle the desire of being with nature.  Multitude of options, are available wherein you can buy compost, decorative pebbles, accessories that suit your requirements, on and off line.

  • Sowing seeds

Sowing seeds and watching the plants grow is an absorbing and fulfilling way to alleviate stress, and being sensitive of your surroundings. You could sow from seasonal herbs, used in cooking, flowers such as cosmos, sunflowers, to brighten up the garden, vegetables to be used as nutritious meals etc.  Use a seed tray and propagator if you have one, but pots stuffed with peat-free compost and covered with a clear plastic bag or cling film will work just as well.

  • Feeding birds

Feeding the birds is a fabulous way to relax while self-isolating at home. Hang feeders in front of windows where you sit regularly, watch, immerse and enjoy the antics of the birds from your sofa. Earthly Creations has created a huge collection of exquisite yet functional bird feeders in terracotta and poly resin in over 50 + designs for you which you can buy online too. (www.earthlycreations.in) Sunflower hearts are also a great all-round option, attracting a wide range of bird species. Why not, now, take time out to learn about the different birds that perch on the feeders. If interested to further your knowledge, one can buy a book on garden birds to be better informed on the subject.

  • Nests for Birds

Its breeding season currently for birds. Hang few terracotta bird houses of different shapes like huts, matki or oval and watch the babies coming to life in your garden or balcony. It surely is an immersing and heavenly feeling watching them peek from these nests.

  • Designing a new border

Have you been putting off revamping that garden border fro some time now? Now let’s take a pause. You don’t have to wait further. Now is the opportune time for you to affect it, make it happen. Whether you’re after a prairie look, a woodland border or a gravel garden, we’ve got all the inspiration you need. Take on the project wisely – plan beforehand, carefully choosing which plants to grow and working out where to grow them. 

Buy your plants, and any other resources online at Earthly Creations, and hey presto – a new look for your garden.

Earthly Creations – what is in for you?

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