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In the last few days, I have been thumped again by some fundamental variations between birders and photographers. Interestingly birders are more precise in their approach and photographers tend to be more sensitive.
I took some fascinating shots of a small bird on the icy surface of a little pond. I really did not know what it was, but assumed that it was some sort of Quail. I posted a photo on Instagram and requested for help. The response that I got from birders was fast and impressive—I was requested to document the sighting in eBird, an online database of bird notes with real-time data about bird occurrence and abundance.
Why were the birders so excited? The bird, I shot, was a Himalayan Quail. According to them, current records for Himalayan Quail are very sparse. There are no other records for the species currently input to eBird so this is pretty remarkable.”  Apparently this is really late in the season to see a species that should have moved through our area quite a while ago.
As for me, I was pleased with the way, I was able to capture the Quail reflection- the natural framing of the subject by nature. The fact that it is a rare sighting at this point of the year is, of petty concern to me.
So, I at Earthly creations decided to honor the birder, by producing beautiful, aesthetic, biodegradable pots and planters designed in animal and bird shapes, such as:

  • Sparrows and Pigeons
  • Parrots and Macaque
  • Flamingo, Cranes and Ducks
  • Turtle, Frog, and Fish
  • Camel, Giraffe, Elephant and Lion
  • Rabbit, Cow, Bull and Hedgehog.

Aim is sensitizing people like you and me, who are passionate to know more about nature, while having an intrinsic love for gardening. 
And above all are committed to conserving greenery in their workplaces, homes, community spaces, etc.

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