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The last leg of Festivities is on – Xmas, bidding adieu to 2019 while excitedly ushering the 2020 with renewed hopes, aspirations and inspirations. So, now is the need to transform our homes/ work places, into entities of beauty- of being unique, distinct, bright, warm, different and beautiful.
A smart way form doing this is to transform the existing space with a burst of warm colours, with exciting shapes of figurines, artefacts- that we have been doing year after year. How about changing the paradigm this year, by creating a green, warm patch right in your home/ work space. A place which relaxes, you, de-stresses you, expands you, roots you-where your creativity creates something distinct and extra-ordinary.
If that be so then Earthly Creations will help you do exactly that – where your innovation and aesthetics skills manifest itself into a meaningful reality. It’s a great spot to explore variety of designs that simply melt into your modern indoor and outdoor garden oasis. Whether you prefer bold shades or a more softened blend, you have it there in shapes of exquisite planters / garden decorations.
We at Earthly Creations have showcased a series of enhancing, durable and exquisite shaped planters and decor items to beautify your home, workplace or garden.
Nothing connects to the traditional pots and planters when it comes to gifting- better known as terracotta pots. Aesthetically designed, these pots and planters make up for different and delectable gifts that not only add classical touch yet are gentle onto the pockets. They make excellent decor creations and are admired for their colourful and aesthetic designs. ​
Earthly Creations offers exclusive sections of terracotta pots that are made for great green gifting solutions for your loved ones.
● BRINGING NATURE TO YOUR WORKPLACE Earthly Creations assists corporate gifting and employee felicitations by creating customised, unique solutions, across industries.
New year –where celebrations peak up, hence our options are not confined to our family, friends or companies- it’s for all those whom we want to express your admiration, love and respect. A great time to appreciate our workers, allies, stakeholders and associates.
Earthly Creations is revealing more solid roots when it comes to corporate gifting. So, this joyful season as you want to give gifts for all your business linked and stakeholder- go for green gifts- to reinforce that you care.
● Resin pots as Gifts: Resin pots, planters, decor pieces make just the ideal give -always this New Year. Add some planters embellish your home or garden area. They give a classy tone to expand interiors and exteriors alike with their beautiful characters and natural look.
Do check Earthly Creations exclusive range of Resin green gifts.
A planter can make the variation between areas that appears lived in versus an area that really feels bustling. Be certain to gift your plant-loving friend or family or business associates an enchanting gift. Connect with us now at Cell 9810502046 or drop us a line at to help us to serve your better.

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