6 Plants That Purify Indoor Air

The air that we breathe in is loaded with alarming and hazardous levels of pollutants. The toxin and dust particles have made their way to our houses, which is making people seek the different ways to keep their surrounding clean and healthy. Home plants are one such way which will not only purify the air around us but will also bring the hues of green in the house, which will be soothing to your eyes and soul.

Here is our founder, Harpreet Ahluwalia’s list of six plants that grow all year round and will help in air purification:



It has the quality to clean air within six hours of its placement. It removes 58 per cent of the faeces particles and 60 per cent of the harmful toxins from the air.



This plant does not require enough sunlight and can grow well indoors – effective in purifying air and also welcomes good luck in homes. Easy to plant and is available easily in the nearest plant shop. It grows well in less water and keeps the air around clean and germ-free.

3)Aloe Vera


It absorbs carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It’s one of the best plants to have, as it helps in increasing oxygen levels in your home. It is said that one aloe vera is equivalent to nine air purifiers set up at a place. Easy to plant and maintain, aloe vera is easily adaptable to every weather and soil conditions.

4) Spider plant


This plant is best known to perform photosynthesis under minimum sunlight. It is great in purifying air by removing carbon monoxide; styrene and gasoline from the air; make it suitable to inhale for children and adults.

5) Snake plant


This plant is endurable and can perform photosynthesis in minimum sunlight. It is best to place it in the bedroom as it releases oxygen at night also.

6) Peace Lilies


They are helpful in removing toxins from the air. Three to four plants are adequate and effective in purifying the air contents from toxins and bacterial spread.

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