Make Your Garden a Haven For Birds

Birds evoke a strong sense of place, humming to their own rhythm they can make any place worth discovering like they’re guiding us to explore the wilderness. Especially in the world of brick and mortar they inspire us escape in the wild.

Birds not only help ecosystem to maintain its balance: from dispersing seeds, pollinating plants, scavenging carcasses and recycling nutrients back to the mother earth, but also add fuel to our soul, move us to create art, poetry and pushes our creativity through photographs, marking for us the passage of the seasons, inspire us to fly while making the idea of flight real for us and remind us that we are not just don’t existing on this planet but are a part of our mother earth.

Birds represent freedom, peace and love. There are no borders for them, they’re free and promote harmony with unanimity among us human beings with a link to the nature and our environment.

When choosing what to plant in your bird-friendly garden, it is best to go indigenous, as this will provide local birds with what they need, when they need it. Birds are very adaptable and will make use of exotic plants as well, if it suits their needs. A bird-friendly garden should include a safe bird house with all nesting materials and shelter, a bird feeder and a bird bath by giving proper consideration to plants and food such as seeds, nuts, fruit and berries of all seasons.



During summer afternoons, birds usually gravitate to the shade provided by tall trees and searches for a safe nesting shelter. A bird house on a stand, placed beneath a tree, will allow birds a view of their surroundings while giving them a quick escape route into overhanging branches of the tree.



We tend to think of summer as the season to provide birds with a source of water, and it’s true that the warmer months can make natural sources of water scarce. But in winter those sources can easily freeze up, leaving birds struggling to find fresh water. Providing a bird bath in your garden and keeping it topped up is a great way to support birds, and encourage them to pay you a regular visit.



Bird feeding is a great way to attract birds to your yard, and summer fruits can be an easy way for birds to find as they forage. Food can always be supplemented with strategically placed feeders and nesting boxes.

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