Smog- regretfully a regular visitor after Diwali in this part of the country, that chokes you and me, makes us extremely uncomfortable, wherein we all are susceptible to air borne disease, watery eyes, asthma and other respiratory ailments. Most vulnerable being elders, children and infants. 

In order to combat the precarious effects of air pollution, government announces as a ritual, series of knee jerk measures, like distributing masks to mitigate the effect on school children, odd even plying of automobiles, yet they bear minimal or no fruit. 

The root cause isn’t addressed. High octave Television debates are done, great recommendations like conservation and plantation of trees and stopping of the stubble burning are discussed, and after some time things are back to square one. Time passes and the issue is buried for one year again.

Why then there is a wide gap between the expectations and achievements. The reason being you and me are not engaged, not inspired, not involved, realising little that its only we all, who  can make a difference- which will happen only when we as a group think and act by going beyond from where we are to where we intend to be.

Earthly Creations took this lead and charted a new path – to be responsible, vigilant and caring – driver being let me start with persistence and other will join. Bottom line being I start.

Earthly Creations took the first step – of harnessing the nature and its creations into something more useful, more vibrant, which had aesthetics, functionality and value. It created exquisite breathing terracotta planters in animal and bird shapes, directed towards those who are sensitive to preserving the nature- have innate love for gardening and are committed to create and preserve greenery in their offices, homes and societal places.

Earthly Creations created over 5000+ planters, unique garden decorations, and aqua bodies giving the buyers the opportunity to create their small personal green kingdom. 

The greatest advantage of terracotta is its property of decomposition and hence it isn’t hazardous for the environ. Another plus for terracotta is its porosity which allows air and water to move through pots preventing any damage to the plants. It is also great for plants that prefer dry soil such as Cacti and succulents.

Consequently Earthly Creations’ pots and garden creations are eco- friendly which aid in keeping our surroundings clean, healthy, vibrant, colourful and fresh all the times. 

Lets reflect where all you and I can make and create a difference with these pots

  • A pot on my personal work desk
  • Common office areas – canteens, corridors
  • Board rooms, reception, entrance etc
  • My home, play and common areas
  • Take aways to guests at seminars, talk shows, employee recognition, and long term service awards.
  • Festival and personal occasion return gifts.

Isn’t it apt that you and I join hands now, to further this unique initiative as conceived by Earthly Creations, to make our world a better place to live in for us and the coming generations?

Don’t we owe it to them folks? And if we need to do then it’s now or never.

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