An impassioned look, and touch on the plant are enough to open your inner sight than going for serious yoga and other therapists. The natural and bright colors attract our attention, but when our eyes get caught up with planters below, our smile vanishes. The natural beauty of plants fails to cheer up us as we cautiously think about the flaws of the pot. We tend to choose pots that have a reasonable price, but as time passes the beauty of product fades. If you are confused about what kind of pots or planters to choose, then go for the Earthly creation pots. The Earthly creation produces planters that are unique and distinct. They are outlasting and promoting the root growth of the plant and improving aeration. Normal pots are fragile and as climate changes fragmentation occur but Earthly creations pots are insusceptible by weathering, extremely durable and when it comes to rapid temperature changes which cause strain, Earthly creation makes pot and planters that are completely weatherproof and frostproof. They don’t need much maintenance, Earthly creation provide you completely customizable planters. Earthly creation understands that plantation and care of the plant are pre-eminent and designed the product range that is cost-effective. The plant adds a feeling of warmth to home or garden bring the planters that are resilient to liven up your life.

QualitiesOrdinary PlantersEarthly Creations Planters
Duration2-3 months2 years
CreativityPlains and MonotonousDifferent creative approaches. Industry-wise creations.
Shapes and SizesSame shapes, three sizesDifferent shapes and sizes forHome décor.
Color Availability and StayOne-color which fades with adverse weather conditions within two months.Bright colours and made with water-based paints that make pots better after every wash.

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