Smokey Looking Skyline

Throughout the start of winter is when the discussion on air pollution in Delhi usually begins and leaving a smokey looking skyline. This accords with two events i.e. Diwali plus crop flaring. Anyone who’s inhaled Delhi’s air in the last few weeks knows it’s been terrifying and susceptible to itchy eyes, runny nose, headaches, asthmatic attacks. 

In Delhi, it was announced “Public Health Emergency”, in order to oppose the effect of pollution, it was announced as a series of physiological reaction measures like an odd-even scheme for cars, distributing masks to alleviate the impact on children, workshops, etc. But it is too succinct to start. 

Earthly Creations initiates a green awareness for harnessing nature by producing vibrant, prepossessing planters in the shape of animals and birds that have astir and value. 

The terracotta is quickly bio-degradable and inhibits soil diseases and root rot by allowing air and water to pass within the walls. They are great for the plants that favor drier soil and make a wonderful patina that becomes better with time. The resin can be produced using almost entirely recycled material, as, it is made with recycled material, they can also be easily recycled, hence leave no risk on the environment. 

Earthly creations produce over 5000+ planters, having unique designs, eco-friendly, long-lasting. So, let’s plant a tree with Earthly Creations planters to create a difference- 

● At the workplace 

● At personal work desk 

● At canteen, corridors in office, school, hospitals. 

● At home to create a small personal green kingdom 

Every breath we take is toxic, and for the good futurity of our children, this should not be tolerated. Lat’scome unitedly, to take this novel drive further to make world a safer place. If we act and come forward there is an entire conviction that effort and intensity will bring the necessary change.

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