Cheer Up Your Garden With These Seven Planters From Earthly Creations

It’s that time of the year again, a season entwined with bright warm sunshine, breezy evenings, and vibrant colors. And this is a great time to cheer up your garden with some fascinating bright colors. Combine your plants with the unique planters by Earthly Creations to accelerate the beauty of your garden.

Planters create splendid focal point for your garden and add functionality as well as aesthetic value in equal measures. However, deciding the right color, size, and shape of planters according to the plants is an artful process but it can also be very tricky. Earthly Creations has got it all sorted for you. These seven planters are your perfect solution to bring in some bright colors and cheer up your garden.


  • Frog Pots

This green terracotta frog with an umbrella is a remarkable planter with a quirky twist; it’s perfect to add an element of fun to your indoor or outdoor garden.


  • Human Figurine Pots

Creativity knows no bounds with these unique planters; they are adorable, cheerful, and lively; they also come in vibrant colors. These are definitely perfect to add a little zest to your drab garden as they seem to have a personality.


  • Rooster Planter

This one promises to be another unique addition to your garden, which will very effortlessly create a visual treat for the spectators. When paired with the right flowers, these ingenious vibrant hen planters have an appeal that is second to none.


  • Yellow Fish  

This one again, with its whimsical facet, is nothing less than any piece of art. The bright yellow is very appealing for the eye and will anytime cheer up the drab corners of your garden. You don’t have to think twice for investing on these.


  • Cow Planters

Cute animal planters are a nature lover’s dream come true and these little colorful cow shaped planters are an outstanding choice for adding vibrant colors to your garden. They are available in several colors and have minimal maintenance. Vibrant color palettes of these are just perfect to capture your personal preference. And trust us, the more the merrier!



  • Mushroom and Frog

Take your love for garden decoration to the next level with this unique masterpiece. It is small, yet captivating, a great choice for your small spaced garden. This one is also ideal for small succulents. Wait no more and just let this piece of magic work its way into your garden space.


  • Turtles

A couple or two of these turtle shaped planters are just perfect to fill up your garden space. They are bright and have a fun element to them. Paired best with small shrubs and bushes these are sure to spruce up any drab garden to a vibrant, lively and fun place to be.


Now don’t wait for anything! We have listed down the best options for you to choose from. So just select one and start refining your garden space with some cheerful, fun and lively planters of Earthly Creations. We are always happy to help!

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