5 Angels For Your Garden

Summertime has arrived and it is the best time to uplift the flow of Chi (Energy) of your home and outdoor space; especially your garden space. This summer add a heavenly elegance to your birding haven with figurines and statues of cherubs and guardian angels to bring abundance and blessings to your garden landscape and your home environment.

Cherubs for the garden are a lovely addition to any indoor or outdoor decor. These are not only beautiful, but also serve as a great encouragement to live a life full of faith and love. Whatever be your gardening style, at Earthly Creations you will find angel figurines that will look great in your indoor as well as outdoor garden.

You can create an eye catching assortment for your garden, keep it formal or make it more lively and playful; it’s all up to you! Choose from our top 5 Earthly Creations selection of Cherub and Angel figurines that suits your taste the best.



1)  Garden cherubs are a great way to give your garden a sophisticated and elegant look. Just as this child-like angel is perfect to sit on a porch or sunny spot in your garden and steal the breath of beholders. This graceful angel features beautifully sculptured wings with carved detailed feathers for a truly “angelic” presence.


2) Bring peace and serenity to your home with this praying angel statue. These angels are charming and can be placed in a number of places, including your garden entrance, giving it a feel of door to heaven. These praying angels will bring blessings and add a serene touch to your outdoor space.


3) This sculpture of little cherub and a girl sitting on a pedestal is sure to enhance and make your love life more fulfilling. The delicate manner in which they seem to embrace each other is sure to bring a feeling of serenity to your garden.


4) Bring these little cherubs to your garden as your garden angel and add more life to your garden with their life like features. These are just perfect to add character to your garden – A great way to express your personality and preference. An assortment of these in your garden is best for showcasing their aesthetic value.



5) A very serene representation of guardian angel, this angel figurine symbolizes protection, love, affection and bonding. Intricately crafted, this is a thoughtful addition to any space to your indoor or outdoor space. Keep this beautiful statue as your heavenly protector. The care and affection in this sculpture are expressed so gently… you can almost feel the love.

These angel statues and figurines can put the magic back on your garden. Perfect amongst the flowers or sitting pretty at the entrance, these are versatile enough for any budget. So this is it, wait no more! Make your garden space a sanctuary of love and peace. With these angels make your garden a place where you can repair your hurts, find love and joy, bond with your loved ones and celebrate life.

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