This New Year – Go for Green Gifting

New Year is here! And most of the people are struggling to pick the perfect gift for their near and dear ones, companies are wondering which is that one gift which can impress their clients, employees are guessing what is it that they are getting this New Year which will make their New Year’s celebration even more special. Choosing the gift which is unique, creative and memorable is not an easy task, never has been.

That’s where Earthly Creations step in for you by providing you unique solutions and options that are a perfect buy.  Lets discover how?

Earthly Creations endavours to provide unique gifting ideas that are- eco-friendly, creative, enchanting,  and above all -handmade. These options are not only perfect  for your near and dear ones, they also satisfy a larger purpose – contributing meaningfully towards promoting the eco-friendly environment.

Earthly Creations has pioneered the concept of Green Gifting- stemming from its ethos “Love an animal, Gift a plant, now and always”. We are humbled to be the first ones in creating a paradigm shift  amongst all informed beings like you, by providing you a different perspective that festivities, along with being celebratory, one needs to  imbibe a deeper essence of conscientiousness.

For over 20+ years, Earthly Creations has built a reputation of being unique, distinct in its offerings. Each creation is a true symbol of individuality, value and aesthetics.

Over the last few years, the popularity of green gifting has increased multiple folds majorly because these gifts while providing value for money, also are aesthetic and functional thereby making them a perfect fit for every occasion.

Earthly Creations offers not only gifting ideas for your clients, customers, employees, family, friends, but also for you own home décor and personal space. We have the wide range of wall planters, garden pots, miniature décor and a lot more.  You name them, we have it all!

This New Year, gift a memorable gift or make it special for yourself by giving your home a makeover with Earthly Creations aesthetic décor collections.

Here we offer you gifting choices, which are show cased for you exclusively at:

3. Our facility at D 138 Sector 36, Noida 201303, for savoring a stunning range of over 3000 options.


Happy Shopping! Shop till you drop!

1. This  tulip frame  with fiery red hues is just the right thing to adorn your wall and add a zest of vibrancy that the New Year demands for.

2. The resin swan tabletop décor will add class and exotic exquisiteness to your living room.

3. These miniature monks in resin are perfect to bring liveliness to your office and spread the positivity to your employees .

4. The meditating Buddha  brings vigour and tranquillity around you, at home or at your work-place.

5. Miniature  owls certainly have the look of wisdom. Bring them home or gift them to your friends and colleagues; they are sure to jazz up the place as well as  add goodluck in their lives.

So lets welcome 2018 with a something that is special, unique and significant.

You be the change, spread the message

Love an animal, Gift a plant, now and Always”.

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