How To Choose The Pots And Planters For Your Home Décor

Nothing can be better to satiate the empty spaces of your home than plants galore. They add an aesthetic indulgence to your home décor and a fresh and refreshing guise to your surrounding. So engage yourself in the trending green décor for your indoors as well as outdoors. But rushing into it wouldn’t be a wise thing to do because even choosing the right pots and planters for the plants can be a crucial step and many details should be taken into consideration before embarking on your indulgence.

Don’t Feel Lost

When you finally set out to buy the pots, chances are high that you will feel bewildered and may end up buying more pots than you need and you may later regret your choice. Some of them will be too big, too small, not big enough, not the colours you wanted.

Take for an instance, you end up with two gigantically oversized geometric, copper planters and you live in a small studio apartment, the copper planters will seem very loud and look impractical in that space. Apparently, the pots you choose for your interiors need to be size appropriate for your space and style.

And thus, it would be best for you to sit and consider a few factors before buying any pots. At Earthly Creations, we offer you sound advice on everything related to plants, pots and home décor, so you can take pleasure in the remuneration of the green trend in a very aesthetic sense.

Plan Your Pots

Most primarily, plan your execution. Where you want to place the pots – inside the house, on the terrace, in the lawn, by your narrow verandah or in the balcony. How many you need, would it be a statement piece or a cluster of bright colours? What would be the purpose and functionality of the pots, whether to place them in garden or in your living area and what kind of plants you wish to plant, would it be a long snake plant, or a cluster of small cacti, or a few bunches of strings.

Compose like an Artist

Be wise while composing, if you wish to create a space filled with clusters, try creating a cohesive look that will look chic rather than a mess of some randomly placed pots. Combine the sizes, textures and tones of the pots that will complement each other as well as your home décor. For example, three different with three compatible textures all with a similar colour tone. Or perhaps, three different bright colours, with similarity in size and texture.

Compliment your style

The Pots should compliment your personality as well as your home interiors. Whether you prefer an elegant, simple, contemporary look or more of an antique aesthetic appearance, everything in your home should depict your style and persona. Select pots that will resonate with you and your home style. From hanging pots for those who want to keep the floors free to space saver pots to fit in the small apartments. At Earthly Creations, you will get the most exquisite and myriad collection of pots to match your home décor.

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