DIY – Planting Adenium Seeds

Make your surrounding beautiful and maintain the positive vibes, the flowers can help you get the positivity at your place. Adenium plant is not just known for their beautiful looks on the garden or at your space but it has many health benefits as well. The Adenium flower comes with multiple colours on the same pot which will even enhance the beauty of your space.

This step-wise tutorial is for you to help with the easy methods to plant and grow the Adenium plant at your home or any space you want.

Materials Required for this DIY:

– A pot of your desired size – The broken terracotta pot pieces – A coco peat – Adenium seed pods – The clean polythene – Some rubber bands

The things required for planting adenium seeds is not that complicated and hence can be found on both the online and offline dedicated store, and it wouldn’t cost against your budget, this is really budget-friendly.

If you are done with the materials required portion, let’s move to the stepwise procedure for this DIY.


Step 1: Make Your First Move

Take out the pot of your desired size and clean it thoroughly, and allow it to dry properly for some minutes. You can also choose the size of the pot according to the space you have and which can fit easily in your space. Now, after allowing it to dry properly, clean it with the cloth.



Step 2: Prepare the Materials:

Take the broken terracotta pot pieces and wash it properly. Allow it to dry completely for some minutes. Now, take the coco peat and repeat the same methods as you followed for broken terracotta pot pieces.



Step 3: Take the Adenium Seeds Out

The first step after taking the adenium seeds is to; remove the hairy part from it and keep it ready for the next step. Take your time and remove it properly and slowly. More the carefully you do initially, more the better results you will get at the end.


Step 4: Keep the Pot Ready

Take the pot you just cleaned and put few pieces of broken terracotta pot pieces at the base of it. After that, fill the pot with coco peat and put warm water into it and leave the pot alone to cool down for the day.


Step 5: The Next Day Procedure

The pot will be now ready to plant the seeds. Lay some seeds on the coco peat. After that, cover the seeds lightly with coco peat again.


Step 6: Take the Polythene Bag

Open the polythene bag and put the pot into it. Tie the mouth of the bag with the help of rubber band and keep it tight. Take the pot along with the tied polythene bag near to the dry and shady place and leave it for rest. The moisture will develop inside the bag, leave it for 7-10 days and make sure that you will not open the bag before that time period.



Step 7: The Result Day

In 7-10 days, the seedling will start appearing. Once you see them appearing, remove the polythene bag and keep the pot aside. Don’t shift the location of the pot anywhere as the seedling might not be strong enough at this position to face the brighter light of the sun. Allow it to make the little bit stronger to survive.


After a few days, the plant will become ready to face the sunlight and, will grow and become stronger.

The plant is all yours now. It will be ready to spread the happiness and positiveness among you and the surroundings.

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