Imagine a person who has everything of the known goodies; your buddy, your mom, dad,  boss, teacher, roommate or your partner—what else can you gift them?

One striking name that pops up is Plants! – one which energizes our environs, add colors to our life, a great de-stressor,  and above all one – that ushers life in.

Exactly what Earthly Creation is doing for past 15+ years- our motto is “Gift a plant, now and always!”

Plants come in all shape, size, and textures, potted in an inexhaustible range of exquisitely shaped pots – a concept pioneered by Earthly Creations- a movement to change the way Gardening and Gifting is done across.

We have something for everyone. Big plants, spiky plants, leafy plants, spiny plants, frothy plants, teeny dinosaur-looking succulents—Animal shaped pots, retro pots, out of the box pots, tiny pots, teacup pots, big pots, angel pots and what not!

Here is why plants are preferred gift options:

1. Being inexpensive, they always fit the investment,  don’t need any more wrapping than simply circling a bow around the pot. And you’re giving the lucky recipient a tiny living green thing!

2. Plants while being a permanent reminder of the special occasion, of your loved ones also are a source of nostalgic remembrance. A little effort of potting the planet properly and caring- provides you and me, a perennial source of joy and happiness.

3. Are fabulous, all-round gift, looking good all year around. Their ever-changing appearance, as the season’s progress, means that the lucky recipient gets the benefit of beautiful blossom and lush leafy green goodness. A lasting symbol of your thoughtfulness, plants are impressive giveaways, coupled with radiating abundance when they grow and thrive in your loved one’s space.

4. Plants bring life, color, and beauty both in outdoors and indoors. If the person you’re buying for, doesn’t have a garden, it isn’t an issue – many of our plants grow well in pots even indoors. For a personal, unique and permanent keepsake gift, plants really do come out on top!

5. At Earthly Creations, we believe in keeping our surroundings carbon-free. Plants make the world a better and more beautiful place for future generations. Giving a plant as a present is eco-friendly, sustainable, and above all, green!