Gardening Tips for Beginners- How to create your own garden?

It is a well- known fact that gardening is no longer limited to the countryside as well as urban areas. It is fast becoming the most preferred hobby among city-dwellers as well. Now anywhere you look, you will come across individuals buying supplies and books related to gardening. Well, basic gardening is quite easy for beginners, both in terms of spending and efforts. All you need is the right amount of space, tools, and supplies, as well as a creative and enthusiastic mindset in order to get you going.

So, if you are someone who wants to join the bandwagon and want a space where you can spend some time in tranquility, then below we are listing some tips to help you set up your own garden:

Work with containers:

For all those people who live in a city, finding the space to build a garden at home is a tedious task. So it is always best to use containers rather than planting beds or plots. Doing this can help you save a lot of space. Also, you do not need to spend hours removing weeds from the small containers. The empty chocolate cans and water bottle lying in your kitchen would also be perfect. To give your garden an aesthetic look, you can also use Earthly Creations space saver pots and wall pots.   

Create your own potting mix:

Another challenge that all the beginners face while setting up their garden is in finding good quality soil for the garden’s container. So it is suggested that you prepare your own mix of effective potting soil. All you need to do is to take equal parts of perlite, peat moss, and topsoil. In order to save time, you can also buy the potting soil from the nearby garden supply store. Fill the container with this soil and do not forget to add mulch on the top of it to keep the soil damp.

Ensure an adequate supply of water:

You cannot flourish your garden without water. Make sure that your plants get the right amount of water to help them grow. Also remember that watering your plants too much or too little will make the stem losing its rigidity. So, make sure you water your plants timely and only when needed. For all those people who are planning to create their garden on the rooftop will also need plenty of water as your plants can dry out in too much sunlight.

Sunlight is vital:

While finalizing the space for your garden, make sure it gets the ample supply of sunlight. Plants need sunlight to not just grow but to prepare their own food as well. So, ensure that your garden gets at least eight hours of sun exposure and does not get blocked by the high walls and buildings.

Remember setting up your own garden can be as easy or hard as you want it to be. But by following the above-listed tips, creating your garden would definitely seem to be an easy job and will surely help it to survive. Other than that, you can always take help of Earthly Creations to add more charm and style to your garden.


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