Create Your Own Beautiful Container Garden

If you love gardens and wants to have one of your own but you have neither space nor time to invest in it then you don’t have to be disheartened. You can still have it in the form of Container Garden.  Container Garden is a perfect, cost and time effective way of growing your own flowers, vegetables and herbs. With a little forethought, your container garden can be as attractive as it is useful, adding to the beauty to your home or even extended garden. It’s important to note that healthy plants in your garden are what make the garden look amazing and this stands true for container gardening too. Now, the question is, how do you grow an awesomely beautiful container garden? Well, to help you in this task, here we’ve a few secrets that will help you grow a beautiful Container Garden.

For creating a Container Garden all you need is pot, potting soil, plants, and slow release fertilizer. Having said that, let us take you throw few important steps:

Choose your pot wisely: In order to grow a healthy Container Garden, it is essential for you to pick the right garden pots and planters. The right way would be choosing your plants first and pot later which suits its requirements. The pots or planters that you choose should provide sufficient space to your plants for healthy growth. In order to retain moisture and provide more nutrients and a stable environment to your plants, it’s almost always best to choose as large a pot as possible. Sometimes the pots that are sold in market simply don’t have enough drainage. So it is better to increase the drainage by drilling, punching or carving bigger holes.

Transfer your plants carefully: It is essential to transfer your plants carefully from nursery pots to your gardening container. Do not tug or handle it roughly as you may end up killing it even before starting with your Container Garden. If your plant is root bound, which is often the case, make sure to get rid of the excessive roots, either by tearing them or cutting them.

Mix fertilizer into your soil: Most plants need food to survive and thrive and the easiest way to provide food for its growth is to mix a slow release fertilizer into your potting soil before planting your container. Not only this, but also feed your plants with a diluted, liquid fertilizer every week or every other week during the growing season.

Caring for your Container Garden: It’s important to water your plants in order to grow a beautiful Container Garden. You will need to know what conditions your plant or plants prefer. However, the majority of plants like to be kept in moist soil, not wet but damp. To figure out if your plants need water, you can stick your finger down into the soil and if your finger tip feels dry, add water. Be sure to water slowly and make sure the water is going to your plant’s roots, not bouncing off the soil and running down a space that can form when the soil contracts, between the soil and the inside of your pot. You want to water deeply so the water gets all the way down to the plants roots.

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